I want to write this post to hopefully share some of my experiences with self sabotage & anxiety. I published my first book “Falling Angel : Rising Phoenix” as a therapeutic release, I woke up one day and realized that my life was starting to go down a rabbit hole, I looked in the mirror and didn’t like the person that I was becoming, I started asking myself, Who am I? I believed that I was starting to lose the person that I was!

Falling into partying and over socializing and ignoring my needs of mental health! I have GAD…

This word has always tickled an interest in me , let’s look at the definition quickly.

Serendipity- the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Now, I am a big believer in manifestation and everything being connected in the universe. I’ve had a lot of experiences in life that all seemed to click, have you ever bumped into someone on a the train that you were just thinking of? I think this phenomena of all of us being synced is incredible. Now, not everyone is woke and some are going to be hesitant to…

So lately I have been receiving a lot of homophobic hate on social media and in person. I am 29 years of age (about to be 30, but we aren't counting) and I am finally at a point where I am starting to feel comfortable in my skin & sexuality. My LGBTQ+ family has a long history of being marginalized. We grow up learning ways to come off as “straight” , don’t we love how society taught us to supress who we are? *Said sarcastically* .

I remember coming out at 19 years of age to my brother and being…

Bike rides late at night

There’s a hint of a romantic spark

A little mystery of who you are

Is making me want to know more.

Like the Pantheon

I am the light that shines for you

Rome wasn’t built in a day

I understand I am going to need a few months to let you see that there is more to do with me.

Nights with you

When my body

Is your Roman feast

Devour me with every lick.

This connection is unexplainable

I have become the Cleopatra to your Julius Caesar

Entering your job out of nowhere


Have you ever been on such an amazing date and felt that the energy was just so amazing that this person may be the one? Yeah, this hopeless romantic gets way too ahead of himself. I personally don’t like dating because my heart gets too involved right away. As an empath it’s a challenge to not be overly excited or stimulated by a potential partner! The excitement of meeting someone new is so thrilling! The only thing I have become cautious of is if someone tell me sweet nothings. Going on a date with someone that seems like the perfect…

When you touch me

I feel fire

Your mouth

Juicy like a peach.

The way you kiss me

I can’t even put in words

It gets me so high

I am orgasmically speechless.

All your tongue

Those soft lips

You kiss me

Like you mean it.

I may sound weird

But, I think kissing

Is better

Than sex.

A human

That can make me melt with their mouth

Is so attractive to me

Our mouths are hugging and never letting go.

This moment

I feel safe

I feel loved

Damn, I feel sexy.

Why don’t we

Go lay down

Put on some slow music

Drink red wine.

Licking your lips

Hugging my body

You match it, by

Hugging my lips.

Now, that’s what I call passion!

Antonio Liranzo

Check out “Romance In A Modern World” : https://www.amazon.com/Romance-Modern-World-Antonio-Liranzo-ebook/dp/B08V36MLCM/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1615386182&sr=8-1

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Antonio Liranzo

Author & Mental Health Advocate . Check Out My Work: antonioLiranzo.com/Links @AntonioILiranzo

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